Personalised lyrics for special occasions

Personalised lyrics to celebrate 50th,60th,70th,80th,90th and 100th birthdays or any occasion you wish!!

Personalised Lyrics for Your Special Event in 2023

A gift of fun yet affectionate personalised lyrics to a favourite song celebrating the life and times of someone special to you. Send a lyric video of your personalised song to include your photos and other relevant images to mark the special day. Or simply have the lyrics or a guide track on mp3 for you to sing along to yourself.

“Graham was amazing to work with and quickly responded to my emails. He was able to help us with a special song for our mother’s 80th birthday. It was the highlight of the party and our mother loved it! I would definitely recommend Celebration Songs for You to anyone looking to make a special event even more special and personal. ” Terry T

Click on the examples below to see how you can offer a unique surprise.

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Step by Step Guide

This is a bespoke service unique to each person. We realise that getting the right tone and appropriate sense of humour is essential, so we will involve you…

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