A Song for Sheila

Here are the lyrics to Sheila’s 80th birthday song to the tune of “My favourite things” . This song was sung at her party.

This birthday sing-a-long is a tribute to Sheila which recalls her Irish heritage and Brooklyn youth. She had a tough catholic upbringing but still enjoyed her dancing with ambitions to become a Rockette. Her love of big cars led her to her future husband of 58 years. With her children and grandchildren, her emphasis on life courtesies is renowned but she’s also a canny IT user. Happy 80th birthday!

Sheila’s the name of a special young lady

We can’t believe that you’ve now got to eighty

Your folks took the boat from the Emerald Isle

Grew up in Brooklyn: New York was your style

Good Catholic girl but those nuns with their rulers

Were out of order and lacking in humour

Knew how to dance with your sister so young

Bother the homework, Rockettes here we come

Sheila, your love of big cars was your passion

Dating our Jack, not the only attraction:

His fancy car with its pillows so sweet

Back seat so comfy and ever so neat!

Cleanliness planned

Godliness and

Manners make us all

We all do remember your favourite things

And we still do have a ball

Moved to Orlando to raise your ambitions

Said bye to New York and improved  your conditions

Close to your Winnie with your husband Jack

Loved doing Legal and never looked back!

Time for a fam’ly and at home you stayed

Terry and Kelly and your fine son, J

Grandchildren came along: now up to five.

They all add up to your favourite times

Sheila’s become a fine user of IT

Columbo’s no match for her skills on the pc

All she will need is just one little clue

Beware what she finds out when looking up you!

Fifty-eight years

They’ve been great years

With your husband Jack

Now let’s raise our glasses, as eighty years passes

So Happy Birthday to you!

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