A Song for Paul

Here are the lyrics to Paul’s 50th birthday song to the tune of “Life on Mars” by David Bowie. This video is in a slideshow sing-a-long format.

Although ELO was a firm favourite, Paul would make do without lunch to afford his David Bowie records. Both a choir boy and prolific goalscorer, captain of the first team, he has followed his team forever through their ups and downs, mainly downs. At university Paul was a famed member of a drinking group, sustaining injuries along the way. Now married to a francophile, he is a dedicated vegetarian, keen newspaper reader, football coach and university lecturer.

He was born in 63. The Beatles sang “Please please me”

But his musical tastes were more secretly E-LO at core

And for the music of David Bow, he’d even lunchtime meals forego

To afford all the latest discs he’d live on Bourbon bisks!

Hodgehill Common, he scored his goals, wore his trainers under his robes

Yes our Paul was an altar boy but football was his true joy

Villans, the Claret and the Blue, what would he do without you?

How low can they go?

At Archbishop Grimshaw, captain of the 1st team

Kept him safe from all the worst things the others could do-

Paul’s one of our stars!

‘Twas at Brunel he joined the crew known as the Spaniards, 

We all know who Had to linger another year

Broke his finger through drinking beer.

Was a god-awful long affair with the girl and her blondish hair

And his love for all things français led to Sarah, their wedding day

Loves to sport his Fred Perry shirts, reads the Guardian until it hurts

He’s a veggie with some acclaim, not those hula hoop sarnies again!

Tigers, winners of their own league, what would they do without you?

How high can they go?

Take a look at the Lawman, teaching at the Uni

Oh, man! No wonder then that they all know he’s a real dynamo,

Paul’s one of our stars!

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