A Song for Irene

Here are the lyrics to Irene’s 80th birthday song to the tune of “Come Fly With Me” . This song was sung at her party.

Irene was born in the old back streets of London with a fun-loving Dad. After the war years, she met Ted and they had 3 children. The family joked about their rather differing skin tones…! Later in life, Irene started to travel widely and take on new art activities and loved her jazz gigs with Herbie Flowers. Lifelong friends Reg and Dot have a special place in her heart as do her many grandchildren!

Come fly with us to celebrate this day

It’s Irene’s anniversary, you are 90 years today

You’ve lived your life in your own special way.

Now in your youth, a London back street life.

No fridge for you, an outside loo

And dad was larger than life

So half the pub came back to sing to you!

Then you faced the war years, had to leave your London town

Bombs rained down, not a frown.

Doodlebugs are up there, somewhere in the skies above

Had no fear, safely there in the Anderson shelter.

Brother  Ron led you to meet young Ted.

The bookbinder and seamstress were destined  to be wed.

A handsome man with blondish hair, and so they say:

How come the kids turned out a different way?

Cruising in the Canberra, where the air is rarefied,

Those painting guys opened your eyes

A new world of walking and of course your dancing too:

What a hoot, all those things and lots of Herbie Flowers

People-wise, you’re in a lovely place:

Fond memories of your Reg and Dot,

They cannot be replaced.

Surrounded by your grandchildren and more we say:

Let’s celebrate this very happy day!

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