A Song for Eogan

Here are the lyrics to Eogan’s 70th birthday song to the tune of “Congratulations”. This song was sung at his party.

Eogan is a committed sportsman, family man and altogether favourite of his local community encouraging everyone to participate. Together with a unique dress sense and a wonderful voice, all make for a great story for his 70th birthday.

Congratulations and celebrations

Our Eogan’s in the GB team at seventy

Congratulations and Jubilations

We want the world to know how fabulous you’ve been!

There was a time when Lynn and you were flying miles high

Mckenna’s plan led to a very different lifestyle

The batting opened up with Katie, Jo and Megan

They’re now eleven, ( Howzat for a team….Not out!)

Congratulations and celebrations

You run a nearly naked bike ride all on Zoom

Congratulations and Jubilations

Just wear your Phoenix top, please spare our blushes soon

We all believe you’re an Olympian in the making

That torso tan has all the Langdale ladies shaking

Your skimpy shorts and cut down shirts  so very charming,

A tad alarming, we love you so!

Congratulations and celebrations

Your singing lifts the hearts of care home folks you please

Congratulations and jubilations

Such stories, jokes and hitting all the notes with ease!

You’re famous for your twenty-forty training sessions

Along with “Wall to Wall” and triathlon obsessions

Persuades us all to go beyond our expectations

‘cross generations, cheerleading all!

Congratulations and celebrations

We cheer for all the friends that you have made in Hove

Congratulations and jubilations

So here’s to you our birthday boy, our treasure trove!

So here’s to you our birthday boy,……..  our treasure trove!

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