Your Zoom Party

We have now got Zoom or equivalent parties to look forward to during lockdown. Hosts are always looking for new ways to entertain guests and to mark a special occasion. This is where Celebration Songs for You can help make a fitting climax to your event.

Commission a set of lyrics re-written especially for your occasion and play a slideshow with vocal and backing track to encourage everyone to join in. See our pricing plan: offer 3

Technical details:

  • the host needs to be able to share their screen with participants
  • use the mp4 file you have downloaded from Celebration Songs for You on to your computer: this will have a video with vocal and backing track and lyrics to sing along with.
  • make sure you tick the box to enable music to be played from your computer
  • if you want a sense of fun, allow everyone to sing with their microphone on as the sounds will be slightly adrift of each other!

Remember to follow our Step by Step guide!