Step by Step Guide

This is a bespoke service unique to each person. We realise that getting the right tone and appropriate sense of humour is essential, so we will involve you as much as possible to ensure there are lots of laughs but sensitive and affectionate moments too. As the organiser you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1
Contact Celebration Songs for You on the  Enquiry section including the name of the person or couple to be celebrated and the date of the event.

Step 2
You will receive a response by email or phone welcoming you and to give you guidance. We invite you to ask any questions you may have.

Step 3

Complete the “Providing Information ” section for the organiser and share the link with friends, family and colleagues who may wish to contribute: Providing Information

Alternatively, If you use social media, why not set up a private Facebook page or WhatsApp group to gather stories and anecdotes from all your contacts! Include me in your circulation list and we can start creating your song straight away!!

lyrics 1

See  menu headings about what to include!

Step 4
Choose a suitable song, preferably a favourite of the special person! Give a choice if possible. See the guidance about song choice.

The song chosen should be sung easily by one or more people from the party to have maximum effect and enjoyment. You could have the party band play it too. 

Step 4
We will re-write the lyrics using the information supplied and return a draft version to the organiser within 3 working days.

Step 5
The organiser should check these lyrics for their suitability and suggest any changes.

Step 7
A final version is then agreed. Payment of the fee will be required at this point.

Offer 1: The organiser will receive

  • a full set of lyrics for your chosen song with guidance on how to sing them.
  • telephone and email support throughout
  • a presentation certificate version

Offer 2 The organiser will receive :

  • a full set of lyrics with guidance on how to sing them
  • a copy of the karaoke version
  • a recorded version to send as your tribute
  • telephone and email support throughout
  • a presentation certificate version
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Please note that all lyrics are written for this personal tribute and are not for further publishing.

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