A Song for Roberto

Here is a set of lyrics for a 40th birthday party to the tune of “Livin’la Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin.

Roberto, with several nicknames, is a genial guy just celebrating his 40th birthday, a good salsa dancer but not quite in the shape as he was once. He met his now wife in a nightclub and is renowned for his spanish omelettes which he generously cooks for all his friends regardless of the occasion. A great football fan, he has worked in a number of different job areas but looks great in his current uniform. A happy go-lucky sort, he enjoys a drink but rides around on a delapidated bicycle!! He has had a number of unfortunate plumbing mis-haps!!

“His name is DeRoberto, or Roberto for short
Now we’re told he’s got to forty: He’s much younger than we thought!

He’s into salsa dancing, wiggle hips and shake your bum.
Tight fitting sexy trousers. Oh no! Hold in your tum!

Dancing all the night away in the clubs around the town,
Archy met his match in Prue, coolest chica from around,
A Cockney girl he found!

Onions, potatoes, there’s nobody making it better!
He beats together eggs, adding ladles of salt and pepper.
Swimming in oil, he loves to put it together,
So each time he comes round,
He brings you another tortilla, He brings you another tortilla
Roberto’s the king of tortilla.

Roberto is ambitious; he’s had so many jobs,
In every single restaurant and other bits and bobs.

He now guards the Tower of London, our famous tourist sight,
But he’s really bad at plumbing: don’t let him near your pipes!

Rides a bike which Jo deemed quite unfit for human use,
Roberto likes a drink or two, and watch the football news!
May Pompey never lose!!


He lives in Hillside village, down in good old Argyll Street,
A dozen North Americans, you’re likely there to meet,
Just dancing to the beat!”