A Song for Ginny

Come Fly With Me

Here is a set of lyrics for a 70th birthday event to the tune of Come Fly with Me:

Ginny is a long-term resident in a care home but who nonetheless has an active life: with her fascination for transport, she has always adored trains and would often go off for days on end, sometimes without letting anyone know, just to pursue her hobby. One of her favourite places is the Bluebell line in Sussex

In addition, you will always catch her at airshows across the South of England of which Eastbourne was always a priority.

She has a fancy for decorative jewellery and leans towards quite a blingy style. Her favourite song is of course: Come Fly With Me!!

Come fly with me to celebrate this day,

It’s Ginny’s anniversary, she is 70 today.

Come fly with me, come fly, we’ll fly away.

Come fly with me, down to the Bluebell Line.

Where steam trains toot, it is such a hoot,

She is having a grand old time.

It’s so much fun, it’s hard to say goodbye.

When Ginny’s out there,

On a mystery railway ride,

Gone for days,


But it doesn’t stop there,

She’s off to Eastbourne  town,

Not a frown.

The air show’s here, planes altogether!

Ginny-wise, you love to wear a ring,

Tiaras too, well, wouldn’t you

Add lots and lots of bling.

It’s perfect for our own dear Ginny, so they say.

Let’s celebrate this special happy day!