A Song for Stephen

Stephen’s Song

When Stephen was younger,

Enjoyed a good sing,

Many years ago. (But)

Couldn’t find a glee – club to take him on,

So he thought a MeetUp could run.

Entry conditions are perfectly clear,

Could you shut the door!

Send me a photo, sing the right note – oh!

Merlot and Musescore!!

Eco friendly too

Sparky is his electric car,

Just make sure it’s charged!!

Our hero sports a fine head of hair

White Tuxedo suit.

“debonair” ’s the word that really comes to mind,

El-i-gi-ble, he’s such a find!

Though, in his day job, a real estate man,

There’s no finer gent

He’s oh so social,

Ever so jovial,

He’s been heaven sent!

Who’d have thought we’d see him in a foursome on our TV screens,

Come dine with me.

Film crew homing in.

A – ca -pell -ans

Lined up to sing (But)

Did he ever win?

He can be handy

Planning his days,

Walks and talking Heads.

Slipped in quite a sneaky trip

To go to New York,

Just as Donald soars to the top!!

Back in the office, Stephen’s a dream

Sells a house or three

But make it the morning, 

or else he’ll start yawning,

Mr Snoozebury

Out on the town ‘til quarter to three,

MeetUps is the game.

One for every weekday and then two the weekend

Cuddle parties, is there no end!?

Our favourite “sarnies”, splendid affairs,

Cucumber and more (But)

Will you still need us, will you still feed us,

Now you’re sixty four! 

Will you still need us, Will you still feed us,

Now you’re sixty four!