Examples of Customised Songs

Do you want to get some ideas about what folks have included in their tributes?

This song for Stephen, a very eligible bachelor with an interest in Meetups, singing, travelling, electric cars alongside his job as an estate agent. We’re conscious of his best time for working: this one is full of in-jokes, but you’ll get the general feeling of a much-respected guy!

A Song for Stephen

Ginny is a long term resident in a care home but who none the less has an active life: with her fascination for transport, she has always adored trains and would often go off for days on end, sometimes without letting anyone know, just to pursue her hobby: one of her favourite places is the Bluebell Line in Sussex. In addition to that, you will always catch her at airshows across the South of England of which Eastbourne was always a priority. She has a fancy for decorative jewellery and leans towards quite a blingy style. Her favourite song is of course: Come Fly With Me!!

A Song for Ginny

Bettina was the first to leave her Cornish home to set off to study at Warwick where the fun really begins. After her initial foray into teaching she decides to travel for a few years before settling in her chosen home of Hove: along the way she has enjoyed many a party and has made many friends who find her to be a great source of energy and friendship.

A song for Bettina

This song for Elaine was for her 40th birthday: she’s a statistician, with an eye for changing hairstyles, hates cooking and works as a sole business so has to do all the office chores herself. She loves a G and T, and other alcoholic drinks, then worries about her weight and other people’s too encouraging them to join classes but never quite makes it herself. Her childhood ambition was to be a TV presenter. A born organiser, she always has the right equipment for every occasion, except that she once turned up at the airport with an out of date passport! She loves listening to the Archers and having long hot baths!

A Song for Elaine

Grandad Bert is a lively 80 year old with a chequered history much loved by all the family! There is the story of his early romance with Margaret as a butcher’s boy, her father’s threatening disapproval leading to an abrupt end to their teenage relationship. Then his war time service posted to an unromantic location in Wales, followed by various drinking exploits ending up with a car down a subway and a few nights in hospital. There is the story of his lengthy butcher’s rounds to farmers in the countryside where more time is spent chatting than working. Yet he is still active in the bowling club and has his loving grandchildren around him

A Song for Bert

Grandad Stan is a genial chap with a long history of service in the police and to brass bands in general. So his first posting to a small island was quite an uneventful time apart from minor emergencies which turned out to be a simple mistake leaving him lots of time for his beloved fishing. He used to train the young brass bandsmen in his area with great success except for one very close relative!

A Song for Stan

Roberto, with several nicknames, is a genial guy just celebrating his 40th birthday, a good salsa dancer but not quite in the shape as he was once. He met his now wife in a nightclub and is renowned for his spanish omelettes which he generously cooks for all his friends regardless of the occasion. A great football fan, he has worked in a number of different job areas but looks great in his current uniform. A happy go-lucky sort, he enjoys a drink but rides around on a delapidated bicycle!! He has had a number of unfortunate plumbing mis-haps!!

A Song for Roberto