Celebration Songs for You

Large Group of People Celebrating

Send your loved one a specially written tribute song to remember!! During this time of necessary social distancing, we’re sure you will still want to celebrate those special milestone events in the lives of your loved ones. This is a most unusual gift for big birthday or milestone events:  21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th birthdays and beyond!  it  – we will write special song lyrics for you!

How do I get my song written?

Choose a favourite tune, supply some anecdotes and hey presto! you will receive a funny, warm, affectionate tribute song dedicated to your loved one. Each song is unique and is guaranteed to make the day special and memorable even if you can’t be together.

Here are some examples…

This song for Stephen, a very eligible bachelor with an interest in Meetups, singing, travelling, electric cars alongside his job as an estate agent. This one is full of in-jokes, but you’ll get the general feeling of a much-respected guy!

This song for Elaine was for her 40th birthday: she’s a statistician, with an eye for changing hairstyles, hates cooking and works as a sole business so has to do all the office chores herself. She loves a G and T, and other alcoholic drinks, then worries about her weight and other people’s too encouraging them to join classes but never quite makes it herself. Her childhood ambition was to be a TV presenter. A born organiser, she always has the right equipment for every occasion, except that she once turned up at the airport with an out of date passport! She loves listening to the Archers and having long hot baths!

Her name is Elaine and she’s now got to 40,
Famous for hairstyles and being a little naughty
Not known for liking to cook Sunday roast,
That’s why they frequently end up with toast

Working on stats is her chosen profession,
This involves sending off surveys and questions.
In Brown paper packages tied up with string,
Then off to the post office, she then will spring!

Has a penchant
For a drink of
G & T or Champagne
But then she will get all her friends down to
Weightwatchers and gee them up again ……..

Here’s the first verse from a new version of Ilkley Moor Ba T’at about Dan Lee who has reached the grand age of 80, a much-loved character in his community:

Now why are we all- gathered here? [Gathered here]
Cos Dan Lee has reached the age of 80
A stalwart of Byworth Methodist [Methodist]
His qualities will make a fine long list:
His godliness is clear
Good manners held most dear
A man of great good cheer!

Or rather less reverently: a song based on Livin La Vida about Roberto, reaching his 40th, still dancing and making wonderful tortillas for his friends:

His name is DeRoberto, or Roberto for short
Now we’re told he’s got to forty: He’s much younger than we thought!

He’s into salsa dancing, wiggle hips and shake your bum.
Tight fitting sexy trousers. Oh no! Hold in your tum!

Dancing all the night away in the clubs around the town,
Niacci met his match in Prue, coolest chica from around,
A Cockney girl he found!

Onions, potatoes, there’s nobody making it better!
He beats together eggs, adding ladles of salt and pepper.
Swimming in oil, he loves to put it together,
So each time he comes round,
He brings you another tortilla, He brings you another tortilla
Roberto’s the king of tortilla.

We can re-write the lyrics of a favourite song starting at  £199 for just lyrics or for an all-in price of £299 for the lyrics and a recorded version of the song. See pricing for further details.

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